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The Edmund Rice Icon - inspiration

What the swirl means 

At the heart of the 'Icon' is the core of Edmund Rice's mission - the children we support and raise up.  The organic and liquid like form of the new logo spiral is encircling the core. This signifies the protective and empowering embrace of Edmund Rice Community Services, our people and programs, around the children fostering a sense of belonging and safety. As the ever-evolving spiral unfurls, it serves as a visual metaphor for the positive impact and lasting change that we bring to the lives of countless children towards a brighter future.

We love that the yellows and oranges of the Eddie Balloon are blending and shown in the colours of the swirl as well.  These represent being relatable and energetic. The blues, teals and greens represent being positive and inclusive.

Our beloved Eddie Rice Camps balloon is growing up and morphing into a positive spiral of learning and change

In 2021 Edmund Rice Camps NSW, along with Edmund Rice Camps VIC, QLD, TAS, and SA, were brought under the one impactful national umbrella of 'Edmund Rice Community Services' (ERCS). 

As we move forward to being recognised nationally as one, during 2024 we will be transitioning to the new ERCS swirl logo below. You will see this change gradually over the remainder of the year on our website, emails and socials

We understand that for many in our community the
'Eddie Balloon' has held a special place in our hearts for the last 10 years.  What we also know is that the logo we use doesn't change the core of our Camps, our leaders, our kids, what we stand for and the 'Eddie Magic' stays the same.

The spiral shape in the new logo is an adaptation of the central symbol within the Edmund Rice Icon (see image) and represents the fluidity of our evolving communities, the transformative journey and continuous growth that children and young people experience through our programs and support.   

What won't be changing is the name of our programs
'Eddie Rice Camps'.

Check out the new look

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