We are so grateful for the continued support of our donors - we simply wouldn't exist without you! If you're looking to show your support - you've come to the right place.


Make a donation 

Making a donation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support our small community organisation. Simply fill out the form below and we'll send a receipt immediately. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and remember  - every dollar counts. Thank you!

Donate via direct deposit

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Email our Executive Officer for a receipt: 

Other ways to support camps


We work hard to ensure our programs and services are as affordable and sustainable as possible. We are always open to new ways that people would like to offer their support. Want to float an idea by us? Call or email our Executive Officer to discuss your idea or check out some more options below: 



resources or loan

us a bus!

we'll accept (almost) anything

Our programs are often weird and wacky, and always very, very messy.

We're open to anything you can think of. We love receiving food, arts and crafts, cardboard, paints, sporting equipment and anything else you might have lying around!

Do you work at a SCHOOL?

We have an amazing group of schools who support us in a number of ways. We certainly would not be able to do what we do without our school partners, and we are so grateful! If you want to help us out, the best ways to do so are:

Got a school bus?

We ALWAYS need buses for camps. We have a number of licensed and experienced drivers and your bus will come back in tip-top shape (with a box of choccies!)

Fundraise for us

Doing some school fundraising? Please consider donating proceeds to a local cause. We are always excited to come and talk to your students about what we do to inspire them, and we can offer the extra benefit of having students volunteer and see where their money has gone!

Promote volunteering

Want to teach your students about social justice? Our camps are run by volunteers, and we are committed to providing fantastic training, support and ongoing opportunities for those who donate their time on our camps.

Come and

teach us 


got a special skill?

Each of our camp programs includes either a day off-site or a special incursion. If you can help with either, we are always looking for new ideas.

If you are a business, can you offer discounted or free entry for our kids and volunteers to see a show, an exhibit, swim, skate or learn a new skill?

If you are an individual, can you offer to come and teach us to dance, paint, play a sport, cook a pizza, or learn a special new skill?

buy some 


we have a load of cool gear!

Our 'merch' is always changing and always fashionable.  Get in touch with a member of staff to find out about our latest, like hats, beanies, shorts and hoodies.


Also, we promise:

1. We'll always put the money straight back into our programs

2. Your money is directly impacting the lives of kids in your local community

To see what's currently on offer, click the below button.

sponsor a


Week- long


We are always looking for ways to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the programs we offer. We would like to do this by partnering with local businesses who's philanthropic aims and interests align with ours.

If you are interested in "sponsoring" a camp, or even a whole season of camps, we will ensure that we do everything possible to acknowledge your contribution in newsletters, on our website and are open to discussion on other ways!

What can you afford?

Not sure what you can sponsor? Costs for programs can be anything from $2,000 through to $40,000 for our Summer season. Contact Bethany, our Executive Officer to discuss your options and where your interests lie.

Our Partners

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"Eddie Rice Camps have been such an awesome thing for me!
The games and activities they put on for us kids is the best fun I've ever had.

I feel so good about myself and my new friends when I get home".


—  Will, Camp Participant