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In NSW, we offer four kinds of Edmund Rice Camps programs, each catering to the needs of our local communities.

Our programs typically take place during school holidays and are designed and implemented by our amazing volunteers and overseen by our experienced staff.

We deliver 6 week-long camps per year which are followed by a special one-day Picnic Day event, designed to reunite our campers and have a day of fun and sausage sizzles!

We also run Big Outdoor Adventure Camps (BOAC) for teens. This is a weekend program where we take advantage of the great outdoors, staying in tents and enjoying mother nature.  



Our week-long camps combine 25-30 children with 25-30 young adult volunteers for a week of recreation, games and activities.

Camps run from Monday - Friday for children, and include a Volunteer Orientation day on the Sunday prior.

These camps are suitable for children aged 5 - 15 years



BOAC camps are for the teenagers!


We combine 6-10 young teens with 6-10 volunteers for a truly epic weekend camping in a NSW National Park. Activities include fishing, bike riding, rafting and more, with camps designed to teach leadership and responsibility. These camps are an important step for any teens who want to come back as a leader one day!

Suitable for teens aged 13-16



Picnic Days are a special one-day program designed to reunite all the children and volunteers from our camps once they have returned to normal life. 

These events generally run from 4-6 weeks after each camp program and are a great chance to renew friendships, remember the things we learned on camp, and have a few sausages on the BBQ!

Details are announced after each camp season via Facebook and our Mailing Lists.



In 2018 and 2019 we were lucky enough to find additional funding to take our unique camping model to Regional NSW and the ACT! We ran our first ACT/ South Coast camp in July (Brrr....!!), which was an amazing success.

In 2022 we are planning to head back down south in July & October (to make up for lost time).  These programs rely on extra funding, so we are hoping to secure a partnership to ensure these continue to be offered into the future. If you can help us find a partner, please contact Bonnie, our Executive Officer on 0468 511 096.

Our Partners


"Eddie Rice Camps have been such an awesome thing for me!
The games and activities they put on for us kids is the best fun I've ever had.

I feel so good about myself and my new friends when I get home".


—  Will, Camp Participant

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