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Alternatively, give our friendly staff a call:

Daniel Comensoli - 0439 900 832

A massive shout-out to these legends, an

If you are interested in Eddie Rice activewear, join us at this year's City2Surf! Raise enough money and we will throw in a cap as well!


Ahh, Matt. What a fine young face to model our classic Eddie Rice Truckers cap. What a magnificent beast! $20

Will reppin' the new merch

Could Will look any prettier? Our hoodies come in Charcoal, Navy and Gray. Call our staff to find out what sizes are available! $50

Check out these two legends wearing the

Look beyond the crazy staff members and check out our new 2019 hats collection! Charcoal beanies and black caps are what it's about. $20 each

What does it take to train 22 new volunt

Our classic I [Heart] Eddie Rice Camps Tees are a staple for any long term Ricer! Don't worry, we will sell it to our newbies as well - you'll be long-term before you know it! $20

Eddie Ricers rocking our limited edition

Our Limited Edition 30 Year Tees come in a range of colours - get yours before we run out! $25

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