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April Camp - Volunteer Sign Ups

can you believe it? It's time to start organizing April Camp!

This year is absolutely running away from us... But on the plus side, it means you never have to wait too long for the next camp to come around (YAY)! We're beginning preparations for our April Camp and would like to invite you to volunteer on this magical program. Firstly though, if you're a new volunteer, it's very important you read our latest announcement:


ALL ABOUT APRIL Our April Kids have already been invited (YAY) - they are all children who unfortunately had their camp cancelled because of the bush fires in January. So that means they are more excited than ever! The anticipation is next level. This is a truly special group of children, aged 5 - 15 years and including some sibling groups. We're looking to form a team of 25 - 30 volunteers to help us pull off this camp to the highest standard possible. As we won't be running a New Leader Training Day before April Camp, we need experienced volunteers and new volunteers who have already completed our Training.

Click here to sign up:

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