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Calling All New Volunteers!!

Edmund Rice Camps provide residential programs for disadvantaged children across Sydney. We have a 1:1 ratio of children to volunteers on our camps, meaning there is a high level of support and an incredible sense of teamwork and friendship. Come along to our Training Day and take your first step towards joining our vibrant and enthusiastic community!

At our New Leader Training you'll learn all the essentials for volunteering with us on a camp, plus we'll tell you about the many other opportunitiesthat are available to you through the Eddie Rice Camp community.

After training, you'll be eligible to register for any Edmund Rice Camps NSW event, including camps, Picnic Days and more!

Start making a difference today.

If you're waiting to SIGN UP TO JULY CAMPS, stay tuned! – the form will be released in the next few weeks.

There are so many reasons to join ERCNSW...

Our Week-Long Camps...

Supporting disadvantaged youth in a positive and fun environment. Each camp has a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to children, providing a higher level of support and an incredible sense of community which you won't find anywhere else!

Weekend Big Outdoor Adventure Camps... Do you love the great outdoors? Camping in a tent and roasting marshmallows by the fire? Add some champion ERC teenagers to the mix and you've got yourself a BOAC! Fishing, rafting, bike riding and cooking are some of our favourite things to do!

Volunteer Opportunities... Our annual volunteer-only retreat allows you to learn about yourself and become a more socially-aware volunteer. Enjoy additional training opportunities and take on extra responsibility to improve the look of your CV and job applications, we can even help you get your First Aid!

Interstate Exchanges and Immersions... Does the idea of an interstate exchange, or an international immersion get you excited? Edmund Rice Camps operate all across Australia, New Zealand and in many other exciting parts of the world. Apply for one of our unique exchange or immersion opportunities!

If you have any questions about upcoming trainings or camp opportunities, please reach out to our Programs Officer:

Emily Banks 0439 900 832

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