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January Camp Referrals


Edmund Rice Camps is revving up for an exciting January! Our volunteers and staff are looking forward to supporting some wonderful children. Scroll down to read about ERC, and to download the appropriate referral forms.

Don't forget: 1. Referrals must be submitted by the referring agency. 2. An after hours number for the referring agency must be supplied. 3. Ensure you outline photo permission, and means of transport to and from camp. 4. If the child has a behaviour management plan, ensure you send it to us along with the referral form (and any additional information that may assist us).

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. How are participants selected for a camp placement? ERC considers every referral for camp, we do not work on a 'first in, first served' basis. Our camps are run by volunteers and 1 staff member. We assess the needs of all the children who have been referred, and best match children to our volunteers skill and experience level. All referrals submitted before closing date, and meeting ERC conditions of placement, will be considered for a place on camp.

2. How many new referrals will you take for each camp? ERC NSW believe it's important to provide continued service provision to our children, for this reason we have many participants return to camps each year. We have a maximum of 50% new children on each camp program. ERC always receive more referrals than we have placements on camp; if your referral is not accepted this camp season please try again for the next camp.

3. Why do you require an agency after hours contact number? ERC works with extremely vulnerable children, and we require 24/7 access to a professional who works closely with the child and can provide information in the case of a child protection disclosure. It is only used as a last resort, and our policy means we are unable to accept a referral without this number.

4. The agency I work for doesn't provide an after hours number, how can I still refer this child? We recommend you speak to the school the child attends, often they will have a school counsellor who can provide after-hours contact for the duration of the camp program. Otherwise source another agency working with the family who can provide a number.

If you have any other questions, please contact: Emily Banks - Programs Officer ERC NSW 0439 900 832 or 02 9556 7023 PO Box 154, Balmain 2041

You will be contacted regarding the success of your application by Friday 13 December, at the latest.

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