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update for referrers

in reference to 2020 camp programs

As many of you may be aware, ERC NSW was forced to cancel a number of camps in January due to bush fire threat in Mulgoa, where our camps are held. As a result of this, all January Children who were scheduled to camp in January and missed out, have been assigned placements on our April or will be assigned placements on the July Camps. We have received many inquires regarding new referrals, and therefore we would like to inform you about camp opportunities with ERC NSW in 2020.

April Camp is full!

April Camp will be an all-ages program and currently, we have filled all placements with children who missed out in January.

July Camps...

Currently, we have 10 placements already set assigned on both the Junior and Senior Camps for children from January. Therefore we will only have 15 placements on each camp for referrals. We will open for referrals towards the end of May. On top of our usual two camps in July, we are trying our best to run more camps in the latter half of the year, however, at this stage, we have been unable to secure funding. We will keep you posted on this - it's our top priority.

October Camp...

As we all know, families and communities in the ACT & the South Coast of NSW have been devastated by the ravages of bush fires. As such, we are looking to support them by providing a camp program for these communities in the October School Holidays. We hope that a fun and enriching camp experience will provide some much-needed fun and respite for these families. As previously mentioned, we are endeavoring to provide more camps in the latter half of the year. If your agency has any concerns or wishes to prioritize camp respite programs this year, then please reach out to our friendly team. We would be happy to consider partnership and sponsorship opportunities. We apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and patience in these unprecedented conditions.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members!

Daniel Comensoli Programs Officer 0432 770 997

Bonnie Faulkner Executive Officer 0468 511 096

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