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Edmund Rice Camps NSW exists to respond to the needs of children and families experiencing disadvantage, marginalisation and social isolation in the Sydney area. We aim to promote sustainable change and development in communities at a grass roots level, by encouraging and liberating the children on camp to believe in themselves. We want to enhance resilience by promoting self-esteem and a sense of purpose and achievement in all those involved in a camp program

There are a variety of programs and opportunities run through Edmund Rice Camps including week-long, weekend and one-day recreational camps and activity days. Through these initiatives, we aim to meet the various needs of our participants and volunteers with the resources we have at hand. Each program is a unique experience tailored to our participants interests and abilities and is designed, monitored and implemented by a team of experienced and passionate Eddie Rice Volunteers.




Edmund Rice Camps take their name from the founder of the Christian Brothers, Edmund Ignatius Rice, who dedicated his life to working, living with, and providing opportunities for the disadvantaged children of Waterford, Ireland. True to his spirit, we continue his work in a modern context, by creating sustainable change and development, by enhancing resilience in children and educating and empowering our youth.

Edmund Rice Camps originated at a Christian Brothers School in Melbourne in 1979 to assist the development of community between new students arriving from Vietnam and other Asian nations, and existing students at the College. The concept and program was so successful that they began running camps for children from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds soon after.  From here Edmund Rice Camps began to spread around Australia and New Zealand in the following years.

The story of Edmund Rice has inspired generations of people across the world. Among the values that we cherish from his tradition are his generosity, his courage, his humanity, and his practical way of reaching out to the poor and oppressed.

Today, the Edmund Rice network operates throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Africa and the Phillipines.

We empower people through education.

Education was the way that Edmund Rice transformed the lives of the children of his day. Since then, this has continued to be the method of helping people to help themselves, and continues to be a focus for Edmund Rice Camps Programs.


Over 5,300 children placed since 1988.

265 Camps since


ERC NSW began!

National and


International exchange



1,670 unique volunteer leaders

Record 5 x B.O.A.C programs in 2018

Be a part of something big, become an Eddie Rice Volunteer today.

Our Partners


"Eddie Rice Camps have been such an awesome thing for me!
The games and activities they put on for us kids is the best fun I've ever had.

I feel so good about myself and my new friends when I get home".


—  Will, Camp Participant

Edmund Rice Camps NSW is a member of Edmund Rice Community Services. ABN: 20 067 072 726. 

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