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A JOYFUL July at Edmund Rice Camps!

What a HUGELY successful July Camps season!

Eddie Rice Camps NSW is proud to say another round of camps are over and we could not be happier! Scroll down and have a look at all the fun we had over the July school holidays...



First-time team leader, Owen, joined seasoned camper, Will, and together they produced a truly creative pre-historic camp.. "The Camp Before Time"! The weather was glorious all week, so we spent a lot of time outdoors running around and playing group games in the sunshine. We enjoyed plenty of dinosaur themed crafts and played a very fitting camp game - crocodile! Together we adventured out to a new park where we climbed on the equipment, swung on the swings and smiled and laughed. We had a delightful group of children who made lots of new friends and thoroughly enjoyed their week at camp. Our volunteers were a bunch of legends and included two visitors from Edmund Rice Camps in Victoria - Emily & Louis!


Senior Monsters vs. Cowboys Camp

We were super lucky to have lots of amazing volunteers and children attending our Senior Monsters vs. Cowboys Camp, including Melbourne Campers TJ & Alanah. Our hearts were warmed by this beautiful group of kids as we saw our regular teens welcome new children and be positive role models, while some of our other children showed kindness, compassion and patience to some of our kids with complex needs. Camps like this really prove to us that the role modelling our volunteer leaders do is multiplied tenfold! Our week started with Team Leaders Meg & Tom dressed as cowboys and doing all sorts of crazy things. However, when Tom became unwell, legendary Harrison jumped in and filled Tom's shoes as Team Leader. The cohesion of our volunteer team was certainly thanks to stellar Facilitator, Stevie Rae! We were also super lucky to enjoy a ninja warrior course at a Five Dock Gym and go to Aqua Golf!


What did our volunteers have to say about their experiences at camp?

"Eddie Rice Camps are a great way to have a meaningful impact upon our community, plus there is a really nice sense of camaraderie and acceptance among everyone involved."

"l get this instant amazing feeling after finishing camp that makes me want come straight back and do it all again. This kids are fantastic and getting to see their smiles each day on camp is just priceless and so rewarding. Camps are absolutely awesome and it has made me a heaps better and happier person."

"My perspective has changed on things (my eyes were opened). I discovered my empathy, love, friendship and gratitude. I have learnt the value of teamwork and the importance of having that close sense of family."

"I think I really developed my confidence and initiative skills throughout the week, on multiple occasions I was able to rise to the challenge and even surprise myself by stepping out of my comfort zone."


Thank you to everyone who was involved in making our July Camps a huge success!

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